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Sharing Freedom


Sharing Freedom


Sharing Freedom

Our Vision 

We are a faith-based organization with a passion to:

Provide a safe environment for survivors of any form of sexual trauma with specific focus on survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and sex trafficking.

Free those in bondage, whether physically, spiritually, or emotionally, and advocate for a future in which they can thrive.

Spread awareness and education regarding sexual exploitation in order to help end sex trafficking and abuse.


Providing avenues of safety, healing, and hope for those exploited by sex trafficking.

Treasured Lives: The Full Story

With a clear but simple mission of helping and inspiring others, Treasured Lives provides advocacy, support groups, crisis care, and peer mentoring to survivors of sex trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and sexual trauma. 


We also provide professional Keynote Speakers who are known for making a memorable impact. Their unique approach combined with exceptional knowledge and intentional purpose makes them perfect for a large variety of audiences and events.

Treasured Lives is a survivor led non-profit organization. Our survivors will inspire all who are touched by their presentations.  Treasured Lives survivor speakers have helped countless people increase their understanding, paving the way towards both personal and community  advances and healing.

Our advocates and client navigators are the best!  They provide a safe, professional, and loving environment for survivors.  Our advocates work tirelessly to aid and improve the lives of all who come seeking help.


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Treasured Lives offers help to survivors of sex trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and sexual trauma (at no charge)



Support Groups

Peer Mentoring


Aid in Escapes

Crisis Care

Personal Needs

Public Education


Community Collaboration

Connecting to Other Services

Transitional Housing

Interested in having Treasured Lives' speaker(s) at an event? 

Our speakers/trainers  have experience in training public, medical, hospitality, high school students, CIT, first responders, universities, therapists, churches, etc.

Contact us at 605-381-4867 or treasuredlives7@gmail.com

"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are

as outraged as those who are."  Benjamin Franklin

Funniest moment thus far... this crazy r

"This book exposes the darkness of Human Trafficking in the heartland and the amazing personal story of triumph.

Kelly is an amazing presenter and I encourage you to invite her to share her story in person." 

Amy Willson


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Treasured Lives is pleased to recommend Elevate Academy.  Elevate Academy provides online courses for survivors of Sex Trafficking and/or Commercial Sexual Exploitation (free to survivors).  


If you are interested, hit the "click me" button above and you will be directed to the Elevate Site. 

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